2013 Buick Encore Crossover Overview

The stylish 2013 Buick Encore is changing the game when it comes to luxury crossover SUV’s. No longer are Buick’s just for your grandparents to get across town a few times a week. Featuring Intellilink and USB connectivity, these finely crafted pieces of machinery are on the cutting edge.

Check out the all new 2013 Buick Encore in the video below.

We’re excited for its arrival early next year. Give us a call at 877-208-2963 for more details, or swing by our local Naples dealership to speak with one of our friendly dealers.

Teacher Appreciation Offer Extended!!

Originally, our Teacher Appreciation offer was scheduled to end August 11th; however, due to the great amount of participation and excitement generated through this event, we have decided to extend the offer to the 18th!


This means that all teachers and administrative staff in Collier County have a few more days to come in and get an oil change for only $16.95. Also, remember to share our Facebook page because we’re donating $5 per new fan to The Education Foundation of Collier County!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

That’s right! This week is Teacher Appreciation week and DeVoe wants to show how thankful we are for teachers by offering a special deal to all the teachers of Collier County. This week only, Collier County teachers can come in and get their oil changed for only $16.95. It’s our little way of saying “thanks” for playing such an important role in so many young peoples lives.


Also, if you become a fan of the DeVoe Automotive Facebook page between now and August 19th, we will donate $5 to the Education Foundation of Collier County to help unprivileged students buy school supplies!

Let’s start sharing!

Ways to be a Safer Driver

More often than not, we find ourselves getting behind the wheel of our cars without thinking twice about the dangers of the road, or the condition of my car. However, the American Medical Association recently compiled a nice list of things to consider before driving.

  • Plan your trips ahead of time. You may not have time to check traffic and weather conditions, but at the very least, have an idea of where you’re going. Flipping through the directions on your iPhone isn’t exactly the safest thing to do while cruising at 60 mph.
  • Wear your safety belt. It’s so easy to forget this little strap, but it could save your life. And just a side note: no one thinks you’re tougher if you don’t wear a seat belt.
  • Don’t speed. Sure, there may be times where you have to go a few miles per hour above the speed limit to get past that semi, but most of the time it’s a lot safer to just follow the speed limits – they’re there for a reason.
  • Keep enough distance between you and the car ahead of you. For city driving, follow the three second rule. For highway driving, make sure there’s five seconds between you and the driver in front of you.
  • Always double check your blind spots. Don’t just assume there’s nothing behind there.

For more tips on how to be a safer driver, visit the American Medical Association website. And if you’re in the market for a new, safe, fun-to-drive car, swing by DeVoe Buick GMC in Naples, Florida.


DeVoe Automotive Group Awards Scholarships to 10 Area High School Students

Everyone knows the best thing to invest in is yourself, and the best way to do that is to start with your education.  With tuition rising every year, many high school students may find themselves discouraged when they start thinking about college, but that is why DeVoe Automotive Group is here to help.

In 1970, Mr. Richard DeVoe himself started a scholarship program for high school graduates.  Since then, DeVoe has give out $2 million worth of scholarships to students throughout the area.  This year, we are happy to announce, we are giving out $12,000 scholarships to 10 lucky high school graduates.

We have evaluated 100s of students from several different high schools in the area and finally came out with our top 10 recipients.  These students were selected based on personal interviews, test scores, overall GPA, life goals and motivations.

Our staff, here at DeVoe Buick GMC, would like to congratulate the following students:

  • Aysegul Ozturk – Lely High School
  • Sergio Alvarez – Golden Gate High School
  • Lacey Pearson – Naples High School
  • Patrick McPhee – Gulf Coast High School
  • Rebecca DePrisco – Palmetto Ridge High School
  • Daniel Barnebee – Barron Collier High School
  • Stephanie Spear – Barron Collier High School
  • Marcos Gonzalez – Immokalee High School
  • Daniel Guzman-Ramos – Immokalee High School
  • Daniela Salazar – Lorenzo Walker High School

2013 Buick Enclave Reveal

At the reveal of the 2013 Buick Enclave, Buick’s VP of Marketing Tony DiSalle had a few words to say about how far the Enclave has come over the years. According to DiSalle, “We sold more Enclaves last year than we ever have before. That told us that consumers are continuing to discover this wonderful vehicle.” Di Salle goes on to say, “The 2013 Enclave is absolutely gorgeous. You can see the sophisticated elegant exterior and beautiful sculptured design, evolving the design that really brought the renaissance of the Buick brand home with the introduction of the first Enclave 5 years ago.” Check out the video below to see it for yourself:

The 2013 Buick Enclave has not yet arrived to our Buick GMC store, but keep checking our blogs and Facebook and we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s here!


Features on the 2012 Buick LaCrosse are Turning Heads

…Or are they? One of our favorite features on the all new 2012 Buick Lacrosse is the remarkable heads-up-display of the speedometer and other vehicle information. As the Buick website puts it, you can now, “see exactly what your Lacrosse is doing with the available heads-up display that allows you to see instrumentation without taking your eyes off the road.”

You can see it for yourself in the picture to the right.

It looks like something you might see in an aircraft of some sort, or maybe a futuristic movie. But no – this is the 2012 Buick Lacrosse – and it’s just one more way that Buick is raising the bar when it comes to technology and safety.

If you’re interested in learning more about the new Lacrosse, want to take one for a test drive, or just want to see this amazing feature for yourself, feel free to stop by DeVoe Buick and we would be happy to help you.

Gas Saving Tips and Tricks

Unless you drive a fully electric car, or a car that runs on vegetable oil, chances are you’re always looking for ways to save gas. I know I am always looking to improve my gas mileage. And yes, even though things like combining trips or carpooling will save you gas (obviously), we wanted to share a few things that you can do to your car right now that will help you get the most out of your gas tank.

First thing you should do is check your tire pressure. If your tires are not filled up to the proper level, you could be decreasing your miles per gallon more than you might think. See, under-inflated tires cause more rolling resistance, and more rolling resistance means more gas. Check your owner’s manual and get some air in your tires.

Next, get any unnecessary weight out of your car. All that junk in your trunk is weighing your car down and causing you to get less MPG. Perhaps it’s time to start leaving the golf clubs in the garage.

Finally, check your air filter. This may not be the first thing you think of when you’re thinking of ways to increase MPG, but a clogged filter limits air flow to the engine, thus decreasing miles per gallon. However, this is a quick fix. All you have to do is remove the air filer, hold it up to the sun, and if you can’t see any sunlight, then it’s time for a new filter. Simple as that.

See how easy that is to increase your MPG? If you have any questions about anything you just read, feel free to stop by the DeVoe Buick GMC service center and talk with one of our certified technicians about some other easy ways you can save gas.

Welcome To Our Blog!

Thank you so much for swinging by! All of us here at DeVoe are excited to have a revamped blog up on our site and hope you are too.

Make sure to bookmark this page so that you will have easy access everything you need to know about DeVoe Buick. In the coming days, weeks, and months, our blog will be up-to-date with up-to-date information about deals, offers, and events going on at your local DeVoe Buick.

Now, in an effort to start things off right, let’s see what Shaq has to say about Buick. Enjoy!


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