The 2015 GMC Canyon Expected to Pack Some Added Punch

When plans for the 2015 GMC Canyon were first announced, everyone jumped to conclusions about how much power it would have. However, it wasn’t until earlier this month that we know for sure how much power is going to be under the hood.

According to Autoblog:

“Extended Cab models of both trucks come standard with a 2.5-liter, direct-injected four-cylinder rated at 200 horsepower at 6,300 rpm and 191 pound-feet of torque at 4,400 rpm. That’s a bit more than the 193 hp and 184 lb-ft originally reported for the duo. The standard transmission for the extended trucks is a six-speed manual, but the Work Truck trim is also available with an optional six-speed automatic. Towing for the four-cylinder is rated at 3,500 pounds.”

The 2015 GMC Canyon will be a force to be reckoned with – and don’t you forget it! Keep checking our blog and Facebook page for more updates about this beast of a truck.

2015 GMC Canyon

Employee Appreciation Day at DeVoe Buick GMC!

DeVoe would not be around today if weren’t for the all the incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and committed people that come in to work here every single day. Whether you’re talking about sales, service, finance or parts, we really do have the best employees around! It’s only because of them that we’ve been around for so long. That’s why we like to have a day every year where we can show all the employees how much we appreciate them.

Employee Appreciation Day was just last week here at DeVoe Buick GMC. Employees were treated to a nice BBQ lunch and entertainment from Cool Runnings. It was a ton of fun! Check out the pictures below:


GMC Canyon Steps Up Child Safety

As America demands more efficient vehicles, GMC has stepped up its game in its small pick-up, the Canyon. Safety does not have to be sacrificed in order to have smaller, more efficient trucks – and GMC hits the mark with their new technology that allows child seats to be installed in the rear space-saving seats.

Awkward under-sized jump seats have been found in the back seat of trucks for years. Barely big enough for a small child, the seats could never safely support a child seat or car seat.  GMC, with recommendations from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has come up with an incredibly simple solution: the back seat’s headrests can be removed and inserted into the leading edge of the bottom of the seat, effectively making the seat wider and able to support a child seat.

With safety a major priority for families, the previous Canyons were not ideal for anyone with children who require a child seat, alienating young families altogether. The newest Canyon is perfect for a small family, combining safety, comfort, utility, and efficiency into one compact truck.

Stop by DeVoe Buick GMC to check out the GMC Canyon along with the rest of our selection of family-friendly and efficient vehicles!

Get an Ultra Luxurious Package for 2014 Buick LaCrosse

Buick has announced a brand new, Ultra Luxurious Package for the 2014 LaCrosse, which introduces a new level of luxury rarely seen in entry-level premium vehicles.

It offers a color palette commonly seen in luxury goods—sangria and ebony—that no other competing sedan currently offers. The interior front and rear seating feature rich, soft semi-aniline leather upholstery dyed in deep sangria color, accentuated by the ebony-colored sueded headliner and door pillars.

Another luxury feature is the authentic Shadow Tamo Ash wood trim on the doors, dash, and center console. Tamo Ash is a unique high-grade species often used in musical instruments. Its biggest appeal is the movement and contrast in its dark veins that vary widely between samples, which means that no two Ultra Luxury Interiors are alike.

“From the grade, pattern, texture and color of the leather to the layering of natural wood, metal and stitching, this interior moves beyond convention,” said Ven Lai, Buick lead creative designer for color and trim. “This application is tailored specifically to the LaCrosse and its customers, but we’re exploring all avenues for where it could take Buick.”

Get your 2014 Buick LaCrosse Ultra Luxury Package today at DeVoe Buick GM.

Buick LaCrosse interior

GMC Open House Event is Going on Now

If you read our last blog, then you know that right now is a great time to save on Buick vehicles. But some of you might be wondering, “Well, what about the GMC’s?”

No worries! The GMC Open House Event is also in full swing and, just like the offers for our Buick vehicles, you can also save thousands off of MSRP on our GMC trucks and SUV’s!

*Insert sigh of relief here*

Check out some of the GMC Open House offers below:

GMC Yukon

GMC Acadia

GMC Terrain

GMC Sierra


Stop by DeVoe Buick GMC in Naples, Florida to take any one of these tough and capable GMC vehicles out for a test drive. Any one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team members would love to help you find the right car, truck or SUV for your family. But don’t wait too long! This offer is only valid to 3/31/2014.

See you soon!

The 2015 GMC Yukon is Here!

We love doing blogs like this one. It seems like we’ll do blogs for months and months about upcoming vehicles, but then when we finally get to announce that the car we’ve been writing about and looking forward to seeing is actually here – it’s just great!

And as you probably picked up from the title of this blog, the wait is over for the 2015 GMC Yukon. Side note: Can you believe 2015’s are already rolling out? Check out the picture below to see the first one rolling off the delivery truck:

2015 GMC Yukon

The 2015 GMC Yukon is here at DeVoe Buick!


More will be here in the near future. Please feel free to swing by and check one out, or even take it for a test drive! In our opinion, this Yukon is by far the best. GMC just finds a way to raise the bar year after year. And as if all that was exciting enough, EPA estimates were just announced for the Yukon and it is officially the most fuel efficient full-size SUV with an EPA rating of 16/23/18.

So if you’re interested in the new, fuel-efficient 2015 GMC Yukon, you need to stop by DeVoe Buick GMC in Naples, Florida.

All-New 2015 GMC Canyon is Loaded with Features

Just a couple weeks ago we did a blog announcing that the highly anticipated 2015 GMC Canyon was finally unveiled at the North American International Auto Show. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out in the picture below!

Looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it? We think it’s safe to say that the Canyon has officially “grown-up” in comparison to the previous model. But rest assured, the new Canyon is a lot more than just a cool-looking truck. Honestly, GMC is really blazing a new trail for the midsize truck segment. We couldn’t believe how many first-in-class features this truck has!

According to the GMC website, “The all-new 2015 Canyon will redefine the midsize truck with segment-first features that make it more capable and versatile than any other midsize pickup on the market.” Those segment-first features include:

  • CornerStep rear bumper
  • Duralife brake rotors
  • Projector-beam headlamps with LED signiture lighting
  • Electronic power steering
  • Active Aero Grille Shutters
  • Lane Departure Warning/Forward Collision Alert (available)
  • IntelliLink with 8-inch diagonal Color Touch Screen (available)
  • Automatic climate control (available)
  • EZ-Lift and Lower tailgate (available)

See what we mean? GMC is simply raising the bar for the entire segment, and we cannot wait to hear what all of you think of this truck when it is delivered later this year. Keep checking our website, Facebook page and blog for more updates! And of course, if you have any questions about this or any other GMC vehicle, please feel free to stop By DeVoe Buick GMC in Naples, Florida.

Buick Just Had Their Best Year Ever!

We have some exciting news to share with everyone! As the title indicates, Buick, which was founded way back in 1903, just had their best year ever. Congrats, Buick! All of us here at DeVoe Buick are so proud to have played a small role in this huge accomplishment.

It’s great to see that more and more people are making the switch to Buick. If you didn’t already know, Buick has made some huge changes lately that people are really liking (obviously). The cars they’ve either introduced or remodeled over the last year are among the top cars in their respective categories!

Did you buy a Buick in 2013? If you did, let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear what you think of your new Buick.

Buick Lineup

The Buick lineup is better than ever!


Forward Thinking in the 2015 GMC Yukon XL Denali

Just about a week ago we did a blog on the available safety features in the new Buick Enclave. We talked mostly about the rear view camera, which allows the driver to see where he or she normally would not be able to, and the Blind Spot Alert System, which, as the name suggests, alerts the driver of people in the blind spot.

Well today we would like to talk with you a little more about safety features, only this time we’re going to switch our focus to an SUV that’s a little bit bigger than the Enclave: the new 2015 GMC Yukon XL Denali.

We’re most excited about the forward collision alert system in Yukon Denali. Essentially there are sensors in the front that can detect when the you’re getting too close to an object in front of you. So if the person you’re following unexpectedly slams on the brake, the Yukon Denali will alert you via audible sounds or seat vibrations.

For a more in-depth look at the safety features in the new 2015 GMC Yukon Denali, please check out the video below:

If you have any questions about this, or any other Buick or GMC model, please feel free to stop by DeVoe Buick GMC anytime!


The New Buick Enclave: Smart made Beautiful

Let’s face the facts. Driving can be very dangerous! You never know when someone is going to be hanging out in your blind spot, or when somebody left their bike right in the middle of the driveway. That’s why the engineers over at Buick have developed several safety features that help you, well, see things you wouldn’t normally be able to see.

The blind spot is the perfect example. You simply cannot see your blind spot (hence the name). So that’s why the new Buick Enclave has a blind-spot indicator that will warn you when someone is in that area next to your car.

The rear vision camera is another feature on the Enclave that allows you to see where you normally would not be able to.

Check out the video below to see how the Buick Enclave is smart, made beautiful:

Want to take a new 2014 Enclave out for a test drive? Stop by DeVoe Buick GMC in Naples, Florida. Any one of our friendly sales team members would love to help you out and answer all your questions!

See you soon!

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